How a Man Can Begin Their Bearded Quest

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 So, you want to begin growing out a beard?  Throughout history, great men have used their facial hair to show masculinity, intimidation, confidence, allegiance to ideologies and even to simply protect their faces from the elements.  Whatever reason you may have for growing out a beard, it’s important to have a good idea of what the journey entails so that you can support this growth period every step of the way. 

Growing a beard is easy – it’s a biological function that serves the purpose of protecting out face – but growing a legendary beard takes more work and effort.  But, there’s no need to feel discouraged.  With just a little extra attention to detail in your daily routine, you can have the kind of beard that elevates you to nearly mythical status.

A Healthy Body Makes for a Healthy Beard

A beard can only thrive if its host is of sound health, which is why it’s important to examine your overall state of wellbeing – after all, it’s good to take inventory of your health anyway.  A beard results from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a testosterone derivative that exists in the hair follicles along the lower half of the face.  Because DHT is a hormone, beard growth depends on a good hormonal balance within the body.  Plus, hormonal balance reflects all kinds of aspects of overall health. 

So, these tips will help your beard be as healthy as can be.

Tip #1: Get Those Vitamins

Vitamins B, C and D all contribute to beard health by promoting a healthy hormonal balance along with an overall healthy body.  Consume these nutrients in the form of foods, and supplement if necessary.

Tip #2: Rest Young Bearded One

Few things throw off hormonal balance like a lack of sleep.  If you’re prone to pulling all-nighters, you may want to reevaluate your sleeping habits before taking the beard growth game seriously.

Tip #3: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

A dehydrated body will struggle to grow hair, as water feeds the follicles to encourage new and healthy growth.

Tip #4: Watch Your Stress

Easier said than done, right?  Well, stress depletes testosterone levels, and this can lead to sluggish or even non-existent beard growth.  Stress impacts every system of the body, and men who are under severe stress may see that their facial hair actually falls out at a rapid pace.

Your Skin is the Canvas, So Take Care of it

All great beards must start with great skin.  Your skin is the host of your beard’s follicles, and if it’s not in good shape, your follicles will suffer.  Acne, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis are all conditions that can prevent the follicles from growing healthy hairs at the proper rate for noticeable beard development.  Here are some ways for caring for your skin:

#1: Follow a Daily Routine

A daily skincare regimen can do wonders and doesn’t require much time or money.  A basic cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer is enough to do the job.

#2: Watch Those Ingredients

Avoid harsh chemical ingredients like alcohols and sulfates that can strip the face of moisture, causing it to become dry and inflamed.  Dryness and inflammation are two enemies of any beard.

#3: Protect Your Skin Against the Elements

Our skin is vulnerable to the elements, like dry weather, strong wind and extremely hot water.  Treat your skin like it’s delicate, because it is, and protect it against exposure to anything that’s too harsh.

#4: See a Dermatologist if Necessary

If you have a chronic skin condition that causes inflammation or other unwanted symptoms, make an appointment with a dermatologist.

#5: Find Your Inspiration

Today’s beard styles are largely inspired by legendary men of yesteryear, with some minor updates to appeal to modern tastes.  Find your inspiration to have a clear idea in mind when it comes to how you want your beard to look.  Figure out the length you’re going for as well as the style, so that as it grows, you can continue supporting the look that you’re going for with proper trims and shaping sessions.

#6: Observe Your Growth Pattern

Not all beards grow equally, as some men’s beards grow more slowly or unevenly than others.  Pay attention to the rate at which your beard grows, and look out for any patches that just aren’t as thick as the rest of the face.  This will give you an idea as to when your beard will finally take on the look you’ve been waiting for.

#7: Remember That Patience is Key

Watching your beard hairs grow takes a lot of patience, since it doesn’t happen overnight.  It can take several months before you are able to reach the length and thickness level that you’re aiming for.  Be patient, and don’t sabotage your efforts by shaving it all off impulsively because the results aren’t coming in soon enough.

#8: Start Taking Care of Your Facial Hair Early

As soon as your beard is more than a little bit of stubble, it’s time to start treating those facial hairs to the wealth of exquisite products available at Mythical Beards.  Each individual hair and follicle requires moisture, nutrients and more to look and feel its best, and avoid damage that will ultimately leave you with an undesirable beard.  Failing to start taking care of your beard early with the right products can mean that by the time your beard reaches the desired length, the hairs are so damaged that you’ll need to cut the majority of them off.

#9: Don’t Fear the Occasional Trim

During the growing out process, the idea of trimming your beard may seem like blasphemy.  But, the reality is that it’s not only helpful, but basically essential.  As the hairs grow, it’s natural for their ends to become slightly damaged due to exposure to the elements.  Once these ends are damaged, they can split and destroy any hope of a smooth and luscious-looking beard.  Trimming every other week or so can do wonders to keep your beard healthy, while stimulating new growth.  You can trim just 1/8th of an inch, which will hardly prevent your beard from reaching its desired length in a timely manner.

Mythical Beards: Here to Help You Along Your Journey

At Mythical Beards, we support any man who is ready to embark on a beard-growing quest.  Our lineup of products combines ancient foraging techniques with modern, advanced technology to provide each facial hair with the love and care that it needs to look its best.  Explore our beard oils, balms, butters, and more, which can all be extremely valuable at each and every stage of the growing process