Beard Oil - Why You Should Start Using It

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Taking a look into the average American household, there are hopefully many different hygiene products that are being used regularly. These can include soap, shampoo, deodorant, and many more. One product that people aren’t as familiar with (more specifically men) is beard oil. Beard oil works very similarly to hair conditioner with one obvious difference. It is specifically meant to be used on your facial hair. Using beard oil will help moisturize and soften the roughness of your beard, and but more importantly it helps the skin beneath it. Keeping your skin healthy will also keep your beard healthy, and promote better growth making your beard grow faster and fuller. All of these great perks paired with the fact that you can buy it in great smelling scents should make the choice to start using beard oil an easy one. 

Once you have purchased your beard oil, it is very easy to start using it. Before use, make sure your beard is damp but not drenched. Just take your preferred oil, and place about a few drops into your hand. Rub these drops into your beard evenly, and down to your skin. If you have a fuller beard you may need to use more oil, or use a boars hair brush or comb to help spread the oil evenly. After just rubbing the oil deeply into your beard and massaging into your skin, you are finished and can style your beard however you want to. 

Mythical Beards has 2 great beard oil options - our original blend which is a thicker oil but spreads evenly, or our emu beard oil blend which is 50% emu oil and 50% of our original blend for more deep conditioning power.