Why Solid Cologne Will Make you Masculine

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Everyone is aware of classic aftershave spray bottles you can find everywhere. You may even be a well-informed gentleman aware of the different strengths of aftershave, such as eau de toilette, cologne, or perfume.


But have you heard of solid colognes?


Rather than using water, solid colognes are from a natural wax like beeswax or shea butter as the medium for the fragrance. The product is then gently rubbed onto the skin, usually at the pulse points such as the neck or wrist. Using these warm areas activates the scent throughout the day and subtly blends with your natural musk.


What may have initially appeared as a gimmick has evolved into one of the hottest trends going into 2023 within the fragrance industry. Therefore, this is especially true for men who want to be more masculine because of the ease of use and transport.


But solid colognes are not as new as you might think. These products date as far back as ancient Egyptian times. Their burial rituals included developing and incorporating scented oils mixed with animal fats.


So why should solid cologne always be in your pocket?


The Benefits:




The small and lightweight size allows you to transport it easily. Solid cologne can easily fit in your breast pocket compared to a spray bottle, which is a hassle.


The portability allows you to top up your scent throughout the day. Therefore this also makes it much safer to carry on flights. Many airlines will not allow bottles of liquid. They specify a maximum capacity, but you won't have trouble keeping a solid cologne in your carry-on luggage.




If you have ever had a bottle of cologne break, you know you do not want to make that mistake again. Solid cologne will not smash or leak its contents everywhere if you were to drop it directly on the floor. Solid cologne is in a small metal tin, which is much more durable than glass bottles with liquid colognes.




One of the explanations why solid cologne has perhaps taken off so well is its subtle nature. Sometimes, it can be less manly and awkward to pull out a bottle of aftershave in public. The fragrance from a quick spray can draw unwanted attention that some may deem unprofessional in a workplace. 


On the other hand, a little dab of solid cologne without attracting attention. If you do get noticed, it will be for the manliness of the tin and the sophisticated nature of employing a unique product.


Ease Of Use 


We've all known someone who wears too much perfume/aftershave, the type you can smell before seeing. Another positive with solid colognes is the scents are milder. So you will not leave an overwhelming scent trail through the office.


Solid colognes also force you to implement them properly. Laying a tiny dose to the pulse points will ensure you get the most out of the product, which makes it difficult to smell too intense. There is decency to applying a cologne fragrance because a manly gentleman knows his scent should only be apparent from up close, 


Those with the honor of standing up close will quickly understand your masculinity. 


Kind to your skin and beard


Most aftershaves possess a high percentage of alcohol, which is a drying ingredient for your skin. While the occasional spray on your skin is not terrible if you keep a lush manly beard, using a solid cologne will not damage the hair. 


Solid colognes do not include alcohol and instead use natural moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and essential oils.


The Disadvantages


Lasting Fragrance


Most solid colognes last between 2-4 hours, which is better than cheaper aftershaves but does not have the lasting effect that a more expensive Eau de perfume might have. However, they are partly made up for by their portability and ease of use. So, as long as you do not mind topping up later in the day, this may not be a disadvantage for you.




There are just a handful of solid colognes out there at the moment, meaning your favorite scent probably doesn't come in solid form. But the options are increasing, with many great companies always coming up with new fragrances.


How to Use a Solid Cologne? 


You can use solid cologne daily and freshen up a little at night. Solid cologne is a fantastic way to smell better and upgrade your manliness.


When purchasing solid cologne by Mythical Beards, a little will increase your manliness. Dip fingertips into the waxy cologne, and warm a small amount between your thumb and index finger. Then dab onto pulse points of choice: wrists, neck, throat, inner elbows, back of your ears, or knees. 


The aroma will emerge as your favorite scent warms up on your skin. 

However, before applying the product for the first time, place a small sample size on your skin. You do not want you to be too manly after all.