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    Folyeti - Mick Foley x Mythical Beards Collab

    $3.99 – $69.99

    Just like there’s only one Yeti… there’s only one Mick Foley!  And in our collaboration, we made a scent that’s as wintery and arctic as you can get without actually...

    Kitsune - Sly Nipon Citrus - Monthly Mythos - Scent of the Month - May

    $3.99 – $77.99

    Hey, you sly devil! Are you ready to stir up some trouble? Well, say hello to Kitsune, your new partner in crime for that dashing facial hair. Inspired by the...

    Fenrir - Forged Tobacco

    $3.99 – $53.99

    Old Norse Fenrir, he who dwells in the marshes.  Son of Loki, from the moment he was born he was a threat to the gods, and as he grew it...

    Dragon - Vanilla Tobacco

    $3.99 – $53.99

    Ahhhh…. The smell of the Dragon’s Lair!  Tread lightly so you don’t get singed by his fiery breath, but just take a big deep whiff of air.  You’ll smell that...

    Pecos Bill - Cowboy Cologne- Legend Series

    $3.99 – $79.99

    A cowboy that can lasso a tornado deserves the best, and only the best, wouldn’t you agree?  And if you’re looking to ride in Bill’s posse, then we’re guessing he’ll...

    Kraken - Spices and Vanilla

    $3.99 – $53.99

    If ever you speak to the Norwegian sailors of old, you’ll hear stories of the legendary sea monster called the Kraken.  Wrapping his tentacles around ships and boats, he’d drag...

    Dracula - Classic Barbershop

    $3.99 – $53.99

    There’s a reason they call him The Count.  He’s classic.  He’s professional.  He’s debonair. He oozes manliness.  The ladies dig him!    Be honest.  If you passed by Count Dracula...

    Big Foot - Cedar Fir Pine

    $3.99 – $53.99

    For a guy that has spent his entire life camping and playing hide and go seek in the woods, Big Foot has a surprisingly well-maintained beard.  Burly, yes.  But impressive,...

    Dr. Jekyll - Lavender Clementine

    $3.99 – $53.99

    Oh man, that Dr. Jekyll was one smell good man!  And you know why, don’t you?  He was always keeping that calm aroma on his mythical beard to keep from...

    Invisible Man - Unscented

    $15.99 – $53.99

    When the invisible man takes care of his beard every morning in his invisible bathroom, while looking into his invisible mirror, he always applies his Invisible Man Beard Butter.  Why? ...

    Chupacabra - Lime Mint

    $3.99 – $53.99

    He terrorizes the streets of Mexico and Puerto Rico.  He drinks the blood of unsuspecting livestock and pets. He’s said to have leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and sharp spines...

    Werewolf - Cinnamon Coffee Cake

    $3.99 – $53.99

    Werewolf is a Cinnamon Coffee Cake scented oil.  Perfect for the foodies who want a love coffee but want it in a unique way.    

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