Fear Not, Bearded Friend- Your Beard Shall Itch No More!

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Growing a beard takes patience, effort and great care, with the reward being a full, luscious and thick beard that you can wear proudly for the world to see. But, along the growing process, and long after your beard has reached the length you’ve been trying to achieve, you may encounter some hiccups that need addressing.

One of the most common beard-related concerns is beard itch. Beard itch is exactly what it sounds like – a beard that you just can’t stop scratching due to a persistent sensation of itching. It’s not a condition, but a symptom that can have many causes. But good news travels fast bearded friends, because there are just as many solutions that can provide relief.

What Causes the Dreaded Beard Itch?

The skin under the beard can itch just like any other part of the body, and the itching can be mild to severe. It can come in waves or persist to the point of driving even the most patient man absolutely mad with frustration. So, what causes this dreaded sensation to begin with? Here are the most common culprits.

#1: Poor Facial Hygiene

If you’re not regularly washing your face and beard, then you’re likely going to encounter beard itch at some point or another. Both the face and facial hair need to be cleaned on a regular basis, as dirt, oil, sweat and other impurities can irritate the skin if not properly cleansed away.

#2: Certain Skin Conditions

Sometimes, beard itch is actually a symptom of a dermatological condition such as eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, which causes the skin to become inflamed. The result is a beard that itches and flakes, resulting in beard dandruff.

#3: Dryness

Sometimes, beard itch simply indicates that your skin is too dry and needs a nice dose of moisture. When the skin is dry, its protective moisture barrier begins to break down, leaving the skin far more sensitive and vulnerable to irritation.

#4: Weather Changes

It’s far from uncommon for a man to experience beard itch when the seasons change. Going from warm, humid weather to chilly and dry, or vice versa, can temporarily throw off the skin’s self-regulating mechanisms, causing temporary itching and other symptoms of irritation or skin imbalance.

#5: Ingrown Hairs

If your beard itch is accompanied by what feels like a large, tender pimple under the beard, the issue may be an ingrown hair. An ingrown hair is a clogged hair follicle that has become infected.

#6: Beard Sweat

It is normal for your beard to itch if your face has been sweating a lot. When the skin under the beard sweats, this causes an endocrine response that stimulates the nerve endings in a way that produces an itchy sensation.

#7: Poor Choice of Beard Care Products

Your issue could be the products that you’re using on your face or beard. There are lots of ingredients found in commercial products that are extremely harsh, and lead to skin irritation.

#8: Allergies

Yes, it isn’t that uncommon for your beard itch to be an allergic response. Even seasonal allergies can cause the skin to itch, especially on the face. Sometimes, a food allergy is the culprit, or an allergy to an ingredient in a product you’re applying to your beard or skin.

How to Enjoy an Itch-Free Beard

Once you’ve managed to diagnose the cause behind your discomfort, you can begin conquering the issue by addressing the underlying culprit. Beard itch is a profoundly treatable issue, which means that you don’t need to suffer for long.

Tip #1: Maintain a Daily Skincare Routine

First, make a point to maintain your skin each day with both a cleanser and a moisturizer, as dirty skin as well as dry skin can lead to an itchy beard. Make sure to use products made for the face rather than the body, which are gentler and less likely to clog the pores, potentially causing more skin issues including ingrown hairs. Note that if you have a longer beard, you should only apply moisturizer around the perimeter of your beard.

Tip #2: Maintain a Daily Beard Care Routine

A daily beard care routine is not the same as a daily skincare routine, and it requires equal attention. At the very least, you should be applying a beard oil to the facial hair each day, which provides all of the moisture that the hair and follicles need to combat dryness and general irritation.

Tip #3: Protect Your Face from Harsh Elements

The skin behind your beard is very sensitive and requires protection from harsh elements like dry air and hot water. In the winter, consider protecting your beard with a scarf, and avoid taking scalding hot showers, which can dry out the skin and cause it to itch.

Tip #4: You Might Need to See a Dermatologist

If you suspect that your beard itch is caused by a skin condition, or if you’re experiencing beard dandruff, it’s likely time to see a dermatologist. They can determine the condition you have and prescribe a treatment that works more aggressively to alleviate symptoms of inflammation that can lead to itching.

Tip #5: Choose Better Beard Care and Skincare Products

You must be mindful of the ingredients that you’re applying to your skin and beard each day. Ingredients found in many common commercial products, like synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and alcohol can all irritate the skin and cause a lot of itching as a result. Especially, if your skin is on the sensitive side. Instead, opt for all-natural formulas that rely on gentle plant-based ingredients to keep the skin healthy and hydrated.

Tip #6: Consider Your Internal Health

Our skin’s health can be a reflection of our internal health. We said that allergies can lead to itching, and if this is the case for you, a visit to an allergist may be warranted. Also, in general, if you’re not taking care of your body, your skin can suffer. Consuming too much sugar, alcohol or other unhealthy substance can take its toll on your skin and cause it to become inflamed, leading to itching and other unwanted symptoms.

Vanquish Beard Itch Once and For All

Just because beard itch is pretty common doesn’t mean that it has to cause you chronic suffering. It’s important to consider all the possible causes to come up with the most effective treatment plan to tackle the issue head-on. And, remember to choose high-quality, natural products that provide lots of moisture and soothing properties to your skin and facial hair, like the beard oils and other beard care products at Mythical Beards.