The Sacred Mythology of Trolls

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If you have not swirled our Troll Mustache Wax onto the hairs above your lip, then you should try it. If you are hearing a great story about trolls, then proceed onward.

Communication of Norse mythology primarily occurred through oral tradition. Mostly, they heard these tales from their parents, who then passed the stories of these mythical beasts to their children. 

So observing the truth about trolls can be a daunting task.


 Are Trolls Real?

Well, in the United States there are reports of some giant trolls in Kentucky and Colorado . Then there was the whole Trollhunter documentary.

The basis of the trolls living in our reality depends upon your belief. Whether the troll lives in a forest or behind a computer screen, there is significant interest in trolls in today's society.


What are Trolls?

Different names refer to various gods and monsters. When we interpret the source material on trolls, we find multiple scholars disagreeing on almost everything concerning trolls!

Tracing the history of the noun troll, you will find a basic definition stating they are a fiend, demon, werewolf, or a giant. These various portrayals arrive from the proto-Germanic word 'trullan,' which translates to unknown origin.

There is much overlap in the terms 'jötunn' (giant), 'risi' (heroic beings), and 'þurs' (hostile monsters). Some theorize that there are four distinct classes of trolls. While others believe a troll is any mischievous varmints.

We find that there is a general agreement upon two types of trolls.


Trolls of the Mountain and Forest Trolls

The first troll type is understood to be the forest or mountain troll. However, their general depiction is as large, dumb, brutish creatures akin to a giant neanderthal. These beings eat hobbits for dinner in Lord of the Rings.

They are believed to utilize their connections with nature to uproot trees as clubs and cause hurricanes and avalanches.

These are the trolls whose riddles you must solve to cross a bridge. Just in case you ever encounter one inside a fairytale or RPG!


Trolls in Caves making our Mustache Wax

Cave trolls live entirely underground, unlike their forest-dwelling cousins. The general depiction is that they are smaller than humans, with a large round abdomen. 

However, do not underestimate these trolls because of their short stubby arms and legs. These trolls are not only akin to the ones made famous in Frozen.

In Norse mythology, they are not ordinarily pleasant towards humans. They utilize their connections with nature to bewilder and trick humans.

No matter the troll, they all possess some similar characteristics. Aside from being ill-tempered, they are also customarily depicted as idiotic and destructive. Some trolls may develop creative riddles but are usually straightforward enough for humans to solve.


How to Conquer a Troll?

When you battle with a troll, whether in a cave or behind a keyboard, it is essential to call the power of Thor to guide you.

However, there are other tales of battles with trolls. One legend speaks of Askeladden, the youngest son of a farmer who required wood. Therefore he went to the forest to pay off his debts. 

When his first two sons proceeded into the forest and returned empty-handed, Askeladden went into the woods with a piece of cheese to preserve his strength.

When he confronted the enraged troll, Askeladden pulled out the piece of cheese and squeezed it until the whey came out, pretending it was a rock.

Thus, the troll was deceived and, worrying about his great strength, offered to help the boy with chopping wood in the forest.

After laboring mightily, the troll invited the boy back to his home for a meal. As the troll managed the fire, he pointed to two enormous buckets and requested the boy to fetch water.

The boy realized he could not carry such massive buckets. Yet alone if he filled them with water. So, he proclaimed they were too tiny and would bring the whole spring instead.

The troll did not want the whole spring to enter his house, so they exchanged chores. The boy overlooked the fire while the troll went to get water. Once the food was ready, the boy suggested they have an eating contest.

They both ate as much as they could.

However, the boy positioned his knapsack under his shirt without the troll noticing. The knapsack contained the porridge. Once the contest was over, he slashed a hole in the knapsack and continued to eat.

When the troll was complete and could eat no more, the boy suggested that the troll cut a hole in his stomach, too. Therefore the troll could eat as much as he desired. The troll, being rather foolish, did so and promptly fell to his death. 

Thus, the boy took all the troll's gold and silver, and the farmer could pay off his debts.

Other ways of driving out trolls

If you can not get rid of a troll through an eating contest, the best way is to ring church bells. As un-Christian fiends, trolls will be driven away if they hear the bells and run far away.

Trolls are repelled by lightning, which kills them instantly. Likely the reason is their run-ins with Thor, who is said to have hunted trolls across the land.

Some legends certify that trolls turn to stone when exposed to sunlight. This is the source of the enormous stony crags in places such as Trold-Tindterne (Troll Peaks) in Norway.

Numerous places within Norway are anointed with these creatures' names. As you enter the Trollstigen mountain, pass the famous Trolltunga (Troll's Tongue) rock formation; you will observe many places beginning with Troll.

No matter the troll you confront, you now possess the wisdom to keep your wits about you. If your understanding does not work, keep a knapsack full of cheese, and I hope there are some church bells around to protect you!

However, if you encounter our Troll Mustache Wax, grab a pinch and twist it into a mustache or beard. It won't turn your beard to stone, but it will make the nearest Viking jealous.