What Sets Us Apart? - Legendary Ingredients, Legendary Results

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We know there are plenty of products on the market. We’ve tried most of them, and that’s what led us to create our own. Mythical Beards was born out of our unhappiness with what was commercially available. After months of research, we found most mass-produced beard balms and oils were skimping on the quality active ingredients that actually make a difference.

 By including more high-quality oils, butters and scents, our products allow for a longer absorption period into skin and hair, producing better results than any other beard balm or oil out there.

 We proudly make everything by hand in the USA and use only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients and essential oils to create ultra-premium beard balm, beard oil and colognes at reasonable prices. Our products are made to work on all types of hair to help get you what you want – a fuller, softer and more manageable beard.

 We pride ourselves in our premium ingredients and always pledge to provide a high-quality men’s grooming experience. No fillers, nothing of inferior quality, and all at an affordable price. We believe in this so much we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

 You won’t be disappointed.